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Silver Baby with Mum and Dad

Latest Family Photos!

The parents are both the classical wild colour- well, almost. The female has a little bit of white under her beak and on the tips of her wings. Apart from this, she is a wild colour. The male, on the left has no white where there shouldn't be. I want to breed this colour as pure as possible...

Silver and Fawn Babies
These are my favourites!

So imagine my surprise when I saw this baby developing in the nest. This one is a silver Java, a pretty common mutation here in Europe but, apparently, hard to find in other parts of the world, e.g. the U.S.A. This means that one of this baby's grandparents must have been a silver and the other a classical

Silver Baby
Four weeks old

Fawn Baby
Left the nest yesterday

And I was even more surprised to see this baby. Even before it had feathers it had aroused my curiosity. Its eyes were a different colour- lighter than the rest of its five siblings. As it turns out, when he opened his eyes, I realised that they were red! The other surprise- so another one of the grandparents must have been a fawn colour. This is the one I mentioned previously- the chilled-out hen... See what I mean?!!

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