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The Green Singer Finch or Mozambique Canary is one of my favourite birds- a small relative of the Canary, this bird is originally from the sub-Saharan region of Africa. They can become very tame and are said to be very long lived!

This is a male Green Singer
The father of my first Green Singer babies!

Green Singer Information Page

I have had one pair of these birds for three years now and they haven't bred for me. I find information on these birds hard to come by. However, I have managed to breed them. The picture above is of a Green Singer male who I got the same year as the first pair. Then last year, I walked into the pet shop to see a little female there who had laid an egg on the floor of the cage- she obviously wanted to breed! Not ten minutes later she was in a box on her way to my house and her new partner, pictured above.

My first Green Singer pair to breed
The hen is at the back

Part of the problem in breeding these birds is knowing when. They don't breed all year round like some birds. This was part of the information that I couldn't find on the Internet. As it turns out, some breed according to their ancestors' African biological clock which is after the rainy season, around September and October and some have adapted to the typical northern hemisphere "Canary" biological clock. It can be a problem if you have one of each! My pair bred this year in March/April but I'm going to try both pairs again now in September.
Another thing I didn't realise in the beginning is that they really like their privacy. When I read this somewhere, I went out and got a little bush, put a Canary-type nest in it and put it in the cage- the next day they started building a nest. Below is a picture of the three babies who left the nest about 6 weeks later. I was so pleased!   

My first Green Singer babies
They're soooo cute!

As I mentioned already, information on breeding these wonderful little birds is hard to come by and that I would try to breed them soon. I had been told that they would breed in the Spring like the Canary. Well recently, I've been observing them and I noticed that their plumage was in excellent condition; leading me to believe that now is the time. Today, I went out to check them and the pair that have never bred look like they just might breed now! The male is carrying goathair around in his beak and disappearing into the little bush I've provided. As soon as I put in more goathair, he goes straight over and pulls at it! Meanwhile, I saw the male from the other pair feeding the female. I went straight out to the country and cut some olive branches and now they have goathair and a place to nest too! 

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